About Us

Rewarding Investment.

Centuria Capital is a specialist investment manager with $1.6 billion in funds under management and a 35 year track-record of delivering value for investors, advisers and shareholders. There are two divisions to our business; Centuria Investment Bonds and Centuria Property Funds. Centuria Property Funds specialises in unlisted property investments; and Centuria Investment Bonds offers a range of unit-linked tax effective Investment Bonds

Centuria Capital has a track record of developing high quality investment products with the aim of delivering strong returns to investors. With us, your investment is constantly under the control of experts with in-depth market knowledge, commercial acumen and an unerring sense of what matters to you.

We’ve been providing investment and other financial products and services since 1980. Our drive, allied with our inside knowledge of the sector and intimate understanding of our clients, allows us to transform opportunities into rewarding investments.